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We’re dedicated to nurturing food startups by providing the space, the expertise and the support you need to make your idea a successful business.

Want to learn how to launch your food brand and get your product onto retail shelves?
Then join us on the Food Startup Summit and learn from 26+ of the UK's leading brands, retailers and experts

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What if you could learn from 26+ of the UK's leading food business experts, from the comfort of your own home?

Don’t fall at the first hurdle.

No one said that starting a food business would be easy. There are plenty of pitfalls that you'll need to avoid, but we’ll help you overcome any obstacles and support you all the way.

Starting a food business can take you down a very lonely road.

Finding commercial kitchen space where you need it most is a massive challenge.

Making those first sales and finding new customers is a constant battle. It's time consuming and the rejection is really demoralizing.

The number of things to consider and the sheer volume of information you need to start a food business is overwhelming.

We've got it figured out.

Our solution caters to food businesses of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that no matter where you are in your journey, we can get your product from the kitchen to the shelf.


We'll assess and develop your big idea together with you. Before you even start worrying about design or packaging, let's learn and measure your customer demand so you know that your product will hit the spot.


There's more to a food business than just the product. You need to have systems and processes in place to manage your time and costs and reduce your risks. Make the most of our network of specialist mentors and industry expects to help bridge those gaps in your business.


Access to MyLocalKitchen ensures that you'll always be able to find an affordable commercial kitchen space near you. We'll connect you with kitchens owners based on your exact requirements, including vegan and free-from kitchens.


Access to MyLocalShelf shortcuts the process of getting your products on the shelves at retail stores. Rent shelf space for your new products to kickstart sales, get exposure and discover your most devoted customers.

What if you could learn from 26+ of the UK's leading food business experts, from the comfort of your own home?

Don’t take our word for it

We can genuinely say that we’ve helped many a business get off to a successful start. But you don’t have to take our word for it:

Here's a few we started earlier

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The strength of The Food Foundry lies in our network of mentors and supporters who you can rely on to help with all aspects of your business – from legal issues to logo design.

George Johnson

Co-Founder of IncuBus London

Rishi Chowdry

Co-Founder of IncuBus London

Fahim Hussain

Founder of The Marketmunch

Jonas Singer

Founder of Union Kitchen DC

Cullen Gilchrist

Founder of Union Kitchen DC

What if you could learn from 26+ of the UK's leading food business experts, from the comfort of your own home?


We could only run our incubator with the support of our amazing partners who provide expertise and resources to maximise the opportunities for our members.

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