Create. Contribute. Prosper.

The Food Foundry UK is a Food Startup Incubator that exists to grow and promote startups and early stage food businesses.

Our goal is to drive food startups to success by providing the key ingredients:

  • Co-working kitchen for food businesses to work
  • Shared workspace and meeting areas for entrepreneurs to run their businesses
  • Free business support and networks to minimise risks and mistakes
  • Sales opportunities on shelves across London and the UK

But The Food Foundry UK isn’t just about the bottom line as far as money goes.

As various boroughs of London are being developed, this is an opportunity for us, as locals, to put a stamp on our city. The Food Foundry UK is one piece of our effort to sculpt the future of London. A future that is grown organically, from within, to promote our businesses, to create our own culture, and to establish the community that we want to be waking up to each morning.

Membership at The Food Foundry

Need a place to cook and run your business?

We give our Members the means to become competitive. By providing the space for production and opportunities for sales, The Food Foundry catalyses the growth of business, jobs, and culture.

How does membership work?

Monthly Membership allows food businesses kitchen use with packages starting from £14 per hour (50 hours / month subscription) to as low as £12 per hour (200 hours / month subscription).

Other hours / month packages available upon request.

All Co-working Kitchen Access members receive an initial intensive consultancy session, followed by workshops and mentorship (upon request). Co-working Kitchen Access includes use of hobs, ovens, prep tables and other common use equipment, access to dry, cold and freezer storage is available on request.

Food business consulting / startup assistance (Associate) packages start at £250 / month.

Shelf space through retail partners and concessions are available for select member products.

Join the Food Foundry and work a collaborative community of passionate London food entrepreneurs.

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Mentors & Advisors

Work with some of the best mentors in the business

We work with hundreds of industry leaders and authorities in their field to give you advice and support at every turn.  Join the community and benefit from our network of mentors.

Carlos Montes

Founder of Food Academy

Rishi Chowdry

Co-Founder Incubus Ventures

Jonas Singer

Owner of Union Kitchen DC

Cullen Gilchrist

Owner of Union Kitchen DC

George Johnston

Co-Founder of IncuBus London

Fahim Hussain

Founder of Market Munch

Great people are what make a great community. Want to work with our startups and make a real contribution?  Get in touch.

Our Partners

Meet some of our Partners

We could only run our incubator with the support of our amazing partners who provide expertise and resources to maximise the opportunities for our members.

Union Kitchen DC


Incubus London

The Food Academy

Sapling Digital

Lambeth Council

General Standards

Market Munch

We would love to partner with great people and organisations who have a vision to to create contribute and prosper.

Get in touch and find out more about being a partner.

Sales Opportunities & Distribution

The Food Foundry UK develops relationships with partners to get our member’s products onto shelves around London and the UK.

We also work with stores and markets to hold tastings to allow our members to pitch their products directly to buyers.

Want the help with sales, even if you don’t need the kitchen space?  Send us a note.

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How can we help you? Ask us a question or apply to be a member.